Loose Jeans

Jeans are always tight as soon as I put it on after shower. I always have to suck it all in. But not yesterday. My 1-week workout and less food diet is working. Here’s what I did for this week.

Monday: Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Marie Forleo’s Crunch Dance Blast

Tuesday: Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance, Marie Forleo’s Crunch Dance Blast

Wednesday: : Insanity Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery

Thursday: Pure Cardio & Abs

Friday: Cardio Abs, 30minutes dancing

Saturday: 55minutes Taebo Boot Camp

Crunch Dance Blast with Marie Forleo

March 22nd: Crunch Dance Blast, 38 minutes.

March 23rd: Crunch Dance Blast, 38 minutes. 40minutes, Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance

I am loving the Crunch Dance Blast with Marie Forleo. The combo moves of hip-hop and Latin are great. And if you’re a good dancer, you can put your style and flair into the moves. I could actually take the 6 combo-steps and create a kick-ass 3-4 minute dance number with any of the latest top 40 hits right now.

I don’t like the music playing along with the dance so I mute it off then just turn my own dance playlist which consist of Britney Spears, Far East Movement, Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull, JLO, Usher, and Keri Hilson. It is awesome. I got Marie’s moves pretty much memorized even though I only started this past Monday. I can do the moves with her, along with the other dancers just by watching her and not having to listen to her instructions. That’s not to say the moves are easy. Not in the least bit. The transitions from each move are actually difficult if you’re not a natural dancer. The moves are not your typical aerobics moves. And you won’t do each steps repetitively before moving into the other one because 1 routine actually consist of 4 individual moves. Which is why I love this workout dance video.

Depending on your health, you can make this workout low-impact or go full blast and really dance your ass off. I do the latter.

Here I Am Again

Been too busy to blog. My kids got sick too, and of course I followed suit. Thank God it’s Monday. I could start over and I did.

Crunch Cardio Dance via Netflix, 40 minutes, 11am

Afternoon walk, 30 minutes

Insanity Fit Test, 9am

Breakfast: 1 cup Coffee, 2 fried eggs

Dinner: 1 baked chicken thigh, fistful of ravioli pasta with butter and parmesan cheese, 2 spoonfuls of corn kernels

Water all day.

The Cheesecake Looks Soooo Good

But I only had 1 thin slice. YAY Me, I think, :(

No I’m Ok, don’t worry. I can have another slice tomorrow, then another slice the next day, I’m sure.

And that’s what I’ve learned through the years. That you don’t have to eat the whole thing in one seating. Especially desserts. You can eat a little bit so you’re not depriving yourself of anything. Eat moderately, coz the next day, you can have the same thing if you want. Moderately as well.

Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee

Lunch: A few leftover green beans, a little bit of scallops & crab flakes with broccoli stir-fry, and 3 strips of leftover london broil

Dinner: 1 piece of baked chicken thigh, 1 sm square of cornbread

Dessert: 1 thin slice of cheesecake with peach topping

Exercises: Insanity Fit Test (30 minutes), 20 minutes Hip Hop ABS Dance Routine w/ Shaun T

Back Again

I couldn’t find the time to log in here last week coz I was just swamp with too many things. All I can say is I did great but like I said, no time to blog about it. Which begs the question why I have this blog in the first place when I’m not making an effort to write on it. Ahh, don’t mind me.. LOL

Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee

Lunch: 1 chicken thigh adobo, 1 cup of rice

Snack: a couple of gummi worms

Dinner: 2 sm pieces of chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and born kernels. Oh and a little bit of gravy too.

Exercise: 30 minutes Tae-Bo, 15-Minute Express Dance Aerobics.

Waking Up Early Is A Good Idea

I woke up way too early today thanks to my 4 yr old daughter. But hey, it’s all good. I was able to know a few work done before working out at 8am. Got things done in the house, more work done, and time with the little girl. I plan on going to bed by 11pm coz I want to wake up early tomorrow again.

5:45am: Coffee

8am: Hip Hop Abs

Lunch at 12pm: a can of tuna, 1 cup of rice and a little bit of kimchi on the side

Dinner: a bowl of Asian noodles with chicken

A sm bowl of ice cream for dessert, and some popcorn (daughter’s bowl).

Weekend Was Bad, Another Start This Monday

I started this blog to be honest about what I eat and the amount of my exercises. It’s a log pretty much to track down what I’m doing so I have to write about every morsel and move. Well, if I remember all of them of course.. LOL.

This weekend was bad coz we decided that it was our Valentine’s Day since my husband had to work today. Let’s see. We had antipasti, pizza and wings for Friday. On Saturday, we had brunch at IHOP where we stuffed ourselves silly with delicious food, that’s including pancakes. For dinner I made shrimp stir-fry with white rice. On Sunday, I had coffee for breakfast then had KFC chicken for lunch. Dinner was the same. And then Hubs gave me a box of truffles. The box is now empty.

I always say weekends are my cheat days but sometimes I tend to go nuts. I discovered that I do that when we eat out or order take-out. And this is why I love cooking coz I somehow eat less. My dishes are delicious but I eat less. I go for moderation and I exercise during the week. Plus, I know what goes in the food I’m cooking. How much salt or oil and every dinner meals are balanced. There’s protein, starch, veggies, and small amount of carbs. I’m not an expert on Nutrition or anything but I believe in having a well-balanced meal. But that’s on Weekdays.

Weekends make me very guilty. I just also realized that I don’t exercise on weekends. Ayayay. Well, like I said, today is another start. And I feel really good today.

Breakfast: Coffee

Lunch: 2 cups of rice, assorted veggies and pork stir-fry.

Walk/Run for an hour. I do this with my child so we’ll start walking then I have to run to chase her.

Dinner: Pan-Fried Panko Crusted Tilapia fillet, a few pieces of butter & Parmesan cheese potatoes, 2 spoonfuls of peas.

7:30pm: 45 Minutes CRUNCH Dance DVD

After Being Sick 2 Times

8:15am: 30 minutes Tae-Bo

Brunch 12pm: 2 fried eggs, 1 cup of rice

Snack, 5pm: 2 Oatmeal & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dinner, 6:30pm: 1 piece of chicken, 2 spoonfuls of corn kernels, a little bit of Lipton chicken pasta side

My Cinderella Pact 411

I actually started a My Cinderella Pact blog late last year after I watched the movie version of the book The Cinderella Pact by Sarah Strohmeyer from Lifetime Movie Network. The movie was called Lying To Be Perfect with adorable and beautiful Poppy Montgomery. The day after watching the movie, I started chronicling all the workout I do on a daily basis, as well as my food intake. A month into the blog, I couldn’t remember the password to login into my dashboard. Such a sorry excuse, I know. But if you know me really well, you wouldn’t be surprised.. hehehe. For some reason, I used a different password from all of my other blogs. So different that I couldn’t remember a damn thing.

So even though I was doing great in my workout, I couldn’t blog about it. I planned on deleting the whole thing to install a new one coz I know I’ll need the blog was probably filled with spam. But holidays came that I never had time to tinker with WordPress. In the back of my head, I know that as soon as 2011 rolls in, I’ll get to it right away. It was my New Year’s resolution to really really really be firm with my weight loss coz of our upcoming Summer vacation.

January 2011 begun and I was into my exercise routine like ants on cakes. I even wrote a plan to follow which I did successfully for 2 weeks. And then the cold and flu started coming in. My son got it first from school, then my daughter got it, then I got it, then my husband got it. I ended January 2011 getting over a cold and stuffed nose. Finally, few days into February, I got back into my routine. I started the Core Cardio and Recovery workout from Insanity. 2 days into it, the nasal congestion came back. WTF????

I realized that I forgot to change our pillow cases and sheets. DO’H! But today, TO-DAY, I felt better that I was able to do 30 minutes of Tae-Bo. Woohooooo! And I also got the newsletter from 5MinutesForMom about keeping the Winter Wright Off. I’m not just trying to lose what I’ve gained from the holidays and the winter though but hey, I figured I’d joined in. Hence the comeback of My Cinderella Pact blog, FINALLY!

And that’s the story…..

Winter Weight Off
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