Weekend Was Bad, Another Start This Monday

I started this blog to be honest about what I eat and the amount of my exercises. It’s a log pretty much to track down what I’m doing so I have to write about every morsel and move. Well, if I remember all of them of course.. LOL.

This weekend was bad coz we decided that it was our Valentine’s Day since my husband had to work today. Let’s see. We had antipasti, pizza and wings for Friday. On Saturday, we had brunch at IHOP where we stuffed ourselves silly with delicious food, that’s including pancakes. For dinner I made shrimp stir-fry with white rice. On Sunday, I had coffee for breakfast then had KFC chicken for lunch. Dinner was the same. And then Hubs gave me a box of truffles. The box is now empty.

I always say weekends are my cheat days but sometimes I tend to go nuts. I discovered that I do that when we eat out or order take-out. And this is why I love cooking coz I somehow eat less. My dishes are delicious but I eat less. I go for moderation and I exercise during the week. Plus, I know what goes in the food I’m cooking. How much salt or oil and every dinner meals are balanced. There’s protein, starch, veggies, and small amount of carbs. I’m not an expert on Nutrition or anything but I believe in having a well-balanced meal. But that’s on Weekdays.

Weekends make me very guilty. I just also realized that I don’t exercise on weekends. Ayayay. Well, like I said, today is another start. And I feel really good today.

Breakfast: Coffee

Lunch: 2 cups of rice, assorted veggies and pork stir-fry.

Walk/Run for an hour. I do this with my child so we’ll start walking then I have to run to chase her.

Dinner: Pan-Fried Panko Crusted Tilapia fillet, a few pieces of butter & Parmesan cheese potatoes, 2 spoonfuls of peas.

7:30pm: 45 Minutes CRUNCH Dance DVD

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  • Dominique says:

    Hope that this week is better for you. I too tend to eat more on weekend and on Monday the scales are looking very unfavourable.

  • I could really relate – I SOOO cheated with fried shrimp this weekend, as I was out preparing for 5MinutesForMom’s Winter Weight Off and shopping for the Flat Belly (MUFA foods) diet I am using as a guideline. :) But, like you, I started back into healthy eating the very next day and it feels so GOOD! :) This is such a great idea and lots of fun to encourage each other. Have a great week AND weekend.

  • I have trouble when I am out and there are dessert temptations! That is my weakness for sure!

    Good luck this weekend! :)

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